Marketing should be driven by GOALS.

Andrea, marketing strategist, marketing project manager, copywriter and advertiser

Andrea Knauer, Owner/Founder – Almond Branch Marketing

why we work with Local businesses

There are few things as risky as breaking out and starting your own business. You put it all on the line. Your money, your energy, your relationships, your time and your FUTURE.

It takes tremendous responsibility to commit to growing and scaling your business while keeping your customers happy. 

Most owners decide to start their own business so they could make more money, not have to work for a boss, and build something to sell and retire comfortably on. 

But the problem is, they get stuck in the weeds of hiring, training, marketing and all the other headaches that come along in business. 

And they wind up doing way too much of the work themselves. So after 20 years, they’re aching from arthritic joints and destroyed knees.

They’re always putting out fires and dealing with endless questions from employees.

Because at the end of the day, the buck stops with them.

Frustration, exhaustion, and stress often take over and prevent them from getting that business to reach its full potential.

They’re working way too hard and not seeing the revenue for all their blood, sweat and tears.

We exist to help you break through all that.

We want to enable and equip you to grow, knowing the source of new business is fully taken care of.

When you succeed, so does the local economy. So does the local community and customer base that depends on you.

Then there’s your employees. They can grow to become all they were created to be and make a salary that lets them take good care of their family. 

Your family succeeds too – with more income, control of their time, and better family life. 

Ultimately you’ll be able to work themselves out of the day-to-day responsibilities so they can enjoy less stress and more satisfaction working ON the business, rather than IN the business.

We give local businesses an edge – a chance to compete like the bigger companies by using exactly the same marketing tactics and strategies they use. 

With an effective marketing plan, they can focus on excelling at their craft while we help generate business for them.

We’re mutually tied to your success. A partnership with us means you’ll get results that improve both your top and bottom line. 

And more importantly, you can focuses on building the business that helps you reach your goals and gets you where you need to go.

– Andrea Knauer, Almond Branch Marketing

Our talented, trained team

Founded in 2017, we have brought our customers steady growth and success with strategic marketing. 

We enjoy strong, trusting relationships with our customers as they benefit from us as their go-to marketing department.


When staff are treated well, they treat customers well.

Almond Branch Marketing uses the image of a blooming almond tree to represent businesses blossoming and growing.


There’s a passage in chapter 1 of the book of Jeremiah in the Bible. God gives Jeremiah a vision for the future of Israel.  Among a barren, wintery, desert wilderness, an almond tree blooms, then bears fruit. 

It’s a picture of hope, deliverance and blessing.

The founders thought that imagery was inspiring and beautiful and named their business after it. It’s our mission to have that same effect on small businesses.

We love working with local businesses and want to help and equip them to bloom and bear fruit too. Our marketing support services are efficiently and thoughtfully designed to help businesses grow and scale.


If you feel stuck growing your business and need help pushing through to the next level, we may be the perfect solution for you.

Take one small step of action toward achieving your business goals. Schedule a free 45-minute consultation to see if we're a good fit.


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