Almond Branch Marketing offers marketing services to ensure your business has an effective marketing plan that connects to your customers with a strong relationship. From being able to find you online to sending newsletter and promotions, we will help them stay loyal to you for the long term.

There are THREE important concepts to understand with marketing. 

The first one is CUSTOMER INTENT – that is the transitions your customer makes once they become aware they have a problem or need and increase intent and action to get it resolved. The speed at which they increase intent depends on the urgency of the problem they need solved.  We call this the ASCENT OF INTENT.

The second is the CUSTOMER JOURNEY – that is the experience, interactions, and relationship the customer has with your business from the time they discover you through the time you complete deliver of product and service. 

The third is the marketing STRATEGY AND TACTICS necessary to attract, impress, and keep the customer in a good relationship with you for the long term by taking them through a positive customer journey.

It all starts with the customer’s needs.

Once your customer discovers they have a need or problem, they hit the AWARENESS stage. This person is your prospect. They may or may not become your customer. Their next decision is to move forward into finding a solution to that problem. 

If so, the customer moves to the INTEREST stage in solving the problem. They may read how-to or informational blogs, watch videos, or ask friends for suggestions on a local business that can solve their problem.

Now the customer is pretty committed to getting this resolved and enter the CONSIDERATION stage. They start Googling local businesses, comparing websites, reviews, and social media pages and requesting quotes.

Your hot prospect is now talking to you to determine if you are the best fit to meet their needs and make a SALE.

The further along the customer is on the ascent, the higher the likelihood of you making a conversion.

Then it’s about the relationship you build with the customer.

Once your customer enters the buying cycle, it’s up to you to make sure they have a positive experience with your business.

They need to be able to DISCOVER your business (online, through referrals, or local knowledge). Then they will ENGAGE with your business by visiting your website, reading reviews, checking social media and/or calling you. 

Once they are convinced you can solve their problems, they will PURCHASE from you. It’s up to you to wow them with a service experience that IMPRESSES.

You don’t want your customer on the first mountain, you want them on the second. That’s where you retain business, and they become your ADVOCATE. A happy customer is more valuable than an existing customer. It’s far cheaper to do business with existing customers and their friends as opposed to acquiring new ones.


Believe it or not, all marketing works with it delivers the right MESSAGE and OFFER to enough of the correct AUDIENCE. And keep in mind, that audience has to have some buyer intent.  If you’ve ever spent money on marketing that hasn’t worked, one or all of these things went wrong.  

BRANDING. It’s one of the most abused words in marketing. It’s an etherial catch-all that also fits well with “get your name out there”.  Or maybe it has to do with your logo and color scheme. Or your reputation. Let’s clear this up.

The correct definition of “brand” should be: the consistent quality service, experience and relationship you provide every single customer and prospect. 

That produces much more of an ROI than slapping your name on a billboard or in a magazine.

You can define your brand by writing and adhering to a written mission, vision and values that set a trajectory and standards of performance. It can include your attitude, how you treat customers and staff, and why you’re in business. Most importantly, it centers around the positive relationship you build with your customers through all aspects of business.

These are the differentiators that set you apart from the competition. This is what customers write about in a Google review. They are much more important than pricing. To compete on pricing is a race to zero.  It’s a far better business practice and much more scalable to compete in the areas where you shine.

Once you’re at a place where you’ve decided what your company (brand) stands for, you’re ready to start marketing.



Here are the tactics and we provide that get you results and fit in perfectly to move your customer through their CUSTOMER JOURNEY. You can learn more about them below, then schedule a free STRATEGY SESSION to discuss a wholistic marketing plan that would work for your business.


Your website represents your online presence. While only a few prospects may see your truck or storefront every month, hundreds will see your website. It is absolutely critical your website be clean and professional so it compels viewers to contact your business. We develop and maintain a search-engine-optimized (SEO) website, improving its effectiveness as a marketing tool that drives sales. Positioning on Google is key. We provide on and off-page SEO so you compete for first-page and first-spot positioning on Google search results. Website design and SEO are foundational to any marketing plan we deliver. LEARN MORE.


This is where instant results happen. When you’ve got a solid website in place and are ready to drive a steady stream of traffic to it, you’re ready for advertising. We create and manage Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and other forms of display banners. Looking at your market and competition we help you choose the right keywords to promote the services you want to sell most. We can manage it to the intensity you desire – a few leads a week or phone ringing off the hook. LEARN MORE.


Stay top of mind, connected to your customer, and keep the competition out. We help you retain business by holding on to your customers for the long term.. We develop professional, interesting emails that will go out to your customers on a regular basis. These emails will generate sales, build customer loyalty, trigger referrals, educate and inform, and make sure your business stays forefront. LEARN MORE.


Social media is one of the many faces your business – it provides an instantaneous summary of your business profile and is an easy and important way for your customers to find you and provide feedback. We optimize and oversee your accounts, design ads and create social media posts that keep you connected and drives sales. LEARN MORE


Get your customers attention with quality photos and videos personal to your business and staff. With photography of your business, staff, products, services and projects, your business will stand above the competition and improve relationship with prospects. These photos/videos will be integrated into your ads, website, social media and take your conversion rate to the next level. We provide this service to local customers and for remote customers we coordinate with a local photographer or videographer.  LEARN MORE.


Depending on the type of business you have, and market demand, direct mail may be a good tactic for you. The power of direct mail in this digital age is remarkable. Direct mail is effective in creating long-term, memorable brand recognition and trust of a company. Direct mail offers the reader an undistracted experience as opposed to a screen full of competing ads online. With targeted mailing list, and a simple, attractive design, direct mail can break through the barrier and reach your target market. LEARN MORE.


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