Photography and videography are great ways to enhance your marketing assets. They add personality and help you start building a level of comfort and relationship with the viewer. It’s as simple as this: everyone wants to know exactly who they’re going to be working with, that they’re going to treat them well, and that they’re a pro.

woman checking marketing email on phone

How to use photos and videos to prime your marketing.

People want to see people. It’s a fact. 

Studies show when people view websites, their eyes are drawn to faces. These photos warm up the site and begin the psychological introduction and relationship-building steps.

Quality photos and videos connect you to your customer emotionally and help build trust. They are essential toward building authentic marketing materials including websites, social media posts, emails and any other tool you use to impress your customers.

These images help get your customer’s attention. It gives them peace of mind to know the type of people they will be working with, especially if you have employees that show up to their house.

It also helps them imagine what exact the final product will look like and starts building the emotional desire to have that product/service provided. “Yes – that’ exactly what I want.”

Once they’re emotionally sold, the rest of the sales process becomes much easier. 


We work directly with local companies to capture photo and video to make their marketing pop. These are incorporated into the company website, advertisements, galleries, business cards, brochures, social media, marketing emails, and any other marketing collateral.

  • Headshots of your employees and owners
  • Action shots of your staff providing service to your customers
  • Product photos to display in a gallery
  • Before and after photos
  • Video interviews with staff, customers, or the owners
  • A promotional video of work being done along with the final product
  • Specific video messages through customer relationship touch points (welcome, onboarding, thank you, happy holidays)
  • How-to videos to explain how your product/services work and the problem-solving process
  • Drone video – we are licensed to operate and produce commercial drone video
  • Go Pro video to get unique video footage from an employee perspective

For remote customers, we can advise you or a local photographer/videographer to help them capture the content that works well to support your marketing.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. That’s because a picture can say a thousand words in few seconds.

Here are just a few examples of the photography and videography work we’ve done.

local tree service contractor from Baltimore County MD removing a customer's oak tree
local interior decorator in Street, MD who uses our business photography services.
Landscaping contractor applying mulch to a new flower bed.
local pressure washing contractor cleaning a gas station in Baltimore County, MD
pressure washing and cleaning contractor in Harford County posing for new head shots
local sporting goods retailer showing off his new product on the Bush River in Joppatowne, MD
local tree service company posing for headshots and business photography in Harford County, MD

Top 10 reasons why Photography & Videography are so important to your business: 

  1. Video helps persuade 73% of people to buy a product or a service (iMPACT, 2017).
  2. Using video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 86% (Small Biz Genius, 2019).
  3. Close to 50% of online users search for product videos before they make a purchase (Small Biz Genius, 2019).
  4. Viewers retain 95% of the information after watching a video (Small Biz Genius, 2019).
  5. The brain likes images far more than it likes text. In fact, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster (Piktochart Blog, 2017).
  6. Color boosts attention span and recall by up to 82%. With color, a person is 80% more likely to read a piece of content (Piktochart Blog, 2017).
  7. Research shows that articles containing videos get 94% more views (Piktochart Blog, 2017).
  8. Over 67% of interviewed customers said that the quality of a product image influences their purchasing decision (Lauro Medija, 2020).
  9. 80% would rather watch a live video than read a blog (WIX, 2018).
  10. After watching a product video, consumers are up to 85% more likely to buy it (WIX, 2018).


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